Monday, November 16, 2009

Death of a Salespitch

You know...I think 'baggers have kinda shot their wad on the whole "terrifies the liberals" thing, because they've linked it with derision of Palin. How can one be afraid of the village idiot? One just knows that giving said idiot a license to drive a bus is bad news -- especially when you happen to be on, or in front of, said bus -- so one does what one can to make sure the idiot's not in the driver's seat.

You're not afraid of the numnuts with the laugh bladder; you just want to keep him from hurting himself and others.

Since they've used the "terrified" meme so much in a case that proves its falsitude, though, it's kinda lost all it's zing and is now just a sad sorry reminder that 'baggers are idiots thusly:

1) Nobody's afraid of Sarah, 'cuz she's a clown.
2) 'Baggers say folks oppose her 'cuz they fear her.
3) Therefore, 'baggers either have no idea what's going on, are idiots, or both.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw a headline last night. "How Sarah Palin could be the GOP candidate in 2012." Let her be, please.

She brings out the worst in the people who love her and treat her like a celebrity. I remember a video and hearing the N-word shouted out in one of her rallies. She did not rebuke the ugliness.

She reminds the nation as a whole what we do not like about ourselves.

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