Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coupla Palin Links, Cuz She's Muh Heee-ro

* Compare and contrast the authorship of Palin's Facebook page and her Wisconsin speech. Via InstaPutz.

* I am continually surprised -- don't know why -- that people line up to be fleeced the way a lot of Frum's commenters seem to be doing re: Mooseburgers. I wish I had genii-like power over time and space -- I'd like to set'em up in a pocket universe where herself was president, and see what they think 4 years in, 8 years in, and -- since I assume that her well-established respect for any sort of rules would inevitably lead to her hand-waving away the 2-term-limit amendment and declaring herself President for Life -- 20 years in.

If there were any of them left by then, what with the nuclear holocaust and all.


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