Friday, November 13, 2009

And in Closing

Just found SupaNews on Hulu -- a-digginit-digginit.

Man, I'm not sure why I thought a 400 page book written in like a day and a half by a white-supremecist homophobe channeling a 40-year-old woman-child mentally stuck in high school, made bitter by dealing with marginal in-laws and problem children, resentful at being stuck in a place where ordering a Coke at the Dairy Queen is a grand night out, and brainwashed by her local snakehandling cult wouldn't be a trainwreck, but there you go.

Sarah Palin, wherever you are, you made five million bucks off of a piece of total cr*p. You *are* the American Dream.

I salute you.

Good night.

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