Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Didn't I Think of This?

A reader on the DailyDish writes:

"How laughable and hypocritical that Sarah Palin would attack Levi Johnston for "selling his body for money." This coming from a former beauty pageant contestant... a well established industry built on 'selling bodies'."

Ya know -- s/he's right. $P trotted out the goods (and tootled various flutes) when she was younger; the only difference with Levi is a thin layer of gabardine.



Also, too, if I wanted to be crass, I'd insert something here about "better to sell it than to give it away for free."

However, I may be an ass, but at least I'm not crass.

(I just love saying stuff by saying I won't say it. It's my own version of up-is-downism.)

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