Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's a (L)app For That

Man, when I worked for the Jerkfactory, we never got lapdances at the corporate meetings. Heck, the one meeting I really remember was where they told us that we would not be receiving the free public transportation benefit that other portions of the company got because it would be, and I quote, "unfair to the drivers."

And that's about as far from a lapdance as you can get.

Actually, I lie -- THIS is about as far from a lapdance as you can get. Non-geographically speaking, that is.

Hmmmm....it'd make for an interesting paper, trying to figure out where you'd have to be on earth to be *geographically* as far from a lap dance as possible. Antarctica? Middle of the Pacific somewheres? Any given street in Milton Keynes? The mind boggles.

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