Thursday, October 29, 2009

La Chanson de Roland

You know that South Carolina GOP Assistant Attorney General I mentioned yesterday who got caught freakin' in the boneyard? Well, it appears he's had a history of bein' extra-classy with tha ladiez:

"In happier days, [South Carolina GOP Assistant Attorney General Roland] Corning was an ardent pro-life politician best known for introducing a law in the South Carolina legislature that would have made the subdermal contraceptive device Norplant mandatory for women on welfare....

In 1994, during a floor debate with pro-choice state Rep. June Shissias, Corning asked Shissias whether she herself had ever had an abortion. Later he admitted the remark was "probably insensitive" but said he was "sick and tired of the women representatives in this body acting like, just because we're men and male, we don't know anything about women."
-- Josh Marshall, "They Know How to Party," TalkingPointsMemo

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