Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Health Care Petition

From WriteChic:

"Since TV Guide reporter Veronica De La Cruz lost her brother in July 2009, she has carried his story from coast to coast hoping Eric’s life and struggle would move people to understand the urgency and necessity of real health care reform.


She is hoping to get 500 signatures by the end of today on a petition that lobbies Congress for meaningful reform, one that includes a public option and prohibits discrimination based on preexisting conditions.

Forty-five thousand people die each year under our present system, and polls indicate support for the public option has never been greater. Americans must not let Congress leave people at the mercy of the same insurance companies that deny care and claims now.

Please sign here."

I signed. How about you?


writechic said...

Thanks so much again!


0>w/hole>1 said...

Ain't no thing but a chicken wing.

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