Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Franken on Medical Bankruptcies, Lack of, in Europe


Seems like having a background in handling hecklers might be good training for being a Senator -- wonder what Franken's history in standup is? I know SNL & writing, but wondering about the clubs....

"I love this country...But you have to love your country like an adult loves somebody, not like a child loves its Mommy. And right-wing Republicans tend to love America like a child loves its Mommy, where everything Mommy does is okay. But adult love means you're not in denial, and you want the loved one to be the best they can be."
-- Al Franken, as quoted by John Eskow in "From Stand-Up Comic to Stand-Up Guy: The Long, Strange Trip of Al Franken", HuffPo


In other news, Oklahoma Republican nonsense bill wasting money on abortion data collection and breaching medical information privacy has been put on hold.

Also too, Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is a dingbat, but you already knew that.

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