Friday, October 23, 2009

Conservatives Just Do Stuff For Affect

Or is that "effect"? No, I think it's with the "a".

So anyway, everything old is new again.

From Encyclopedia of World Biography, WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST:

"Having shaken up San Francisco with the Examiner and New York City with the Journal, Hearst established two newspapers in Chicago, Illinois, the Chicago American in 1900 and the Chicago Examiner in 1902; a newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts, the Boston American; and a newspaper in Los Angeles, California, the Los Angeles Examiner in 1904. These added newspapers marked more than an extension of Hearst's journalistic empire, they reflected his sweeping decision to seek the U.S. presidency. Perhaps his ambition came from a desire to follow in his father's footsteps. His personality and fortune were not suited to a political career however.

In 1902 and 1904 Hearst won election to the House of Representatives as a New York Democrat. Except, his journalistic activities and his $2 million presidential campaign left him little time to speak, vote, or answer roll calls in Congress. His nonattendance angered his colleagues and the voters who had elected him. Nevertheless, he found time to run as an independent candidate for mayor of New York City in 1905, and as a Democratic candidate for governor in 1906. His loss in both elections ended Hearst's political career."

What would an Ailes presidency look like? What sort of effect would it have on freedom of speech, and the perception of news source trust-worthiness?

God help us all if the current loony right get their hands on the reins before they start sobering up.



Wonkette bein' pithy.

It occurs to me that the GOP may wish to put forward somebody else besides an old white jowly guy, if they want to divorce themselves from the perception that they're entirely made up of folks scraped off the floors of an American Legion bar, the Grit magazine staff room, and the local Moose club foyer.

However, knowing their up-is-downism as I do, how could I think jowls are a downside? Bring on the jowls.

They're already here.

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