Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is this thing on?

You know, it's been quite some time since I actually *wrote* anything here. I've been picking over the diseased carcass of the interwebs (ie posting links) like some slack-jawed yokel of a buzzard, but I haven't written anything fresh or new since...oh, the election or so.

I'm not sure if writing about not writing counts, but perhaps it does.

Or perhaps I should write about writing. Turn it on its head, sort of thing.

Just got a shared "honorable mention" over on another blog for a political limerick I penned. Sort of half way between kissing your sister and gushing like Sally Fields at the academy awards, but baby steps is baby steps as they say.

(Hopefully "they" aren't Zeno, otherwise why bother getting up in the morning -- that is, if you even could.)

Got me an appointment with R tomorrow, to peep my writing, such as it ain't. The start of a regular thing, twice a week. Hopefully, a way to kickstart my parts.

The parts I use for writing, that is.

Moving finger, baby.

1 comment:

jcnemecek said...

Hmm. Maybe you can write about other people writing.

I've been feeling a bit odd post-election, myself. I certainly still have criticisms to make of the Obama administration, but I think I blew my wad over the past eight years. I need a mental break from being angry.

So, instead I post pictures of cute animals. What are you gonna do?

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