Thursday, March 5, 2009

Write Stuff

How embarrassing is it to be searching around in your head for an answer when somebody asks "What have you been up to?"

Andrew Sullivan on the Daily Dish had an article about Iceland the other day -- referencing this longer and very interesting piece about the odd, Twilight Zone circumstance of a small fishing-based country turning into an economic powerhouse for no particular reason and then crashing like Mario Andretti having a seizure.

I've never been to Iceland, but have had it in the back of my mind to go sometime. See the mid-Atlantic ridge, stand on the site of the Thing, sort of thing. In retrospect, everybody likes Vikings.

What's it like there now, though? Carpetbaggers as far as the eye can see? The dust bowl minus the dust?

I went to a penpal site to see if anybody was interested in writing. No takers yet...but then getting a message from a stranger is various levels of "creepy" so maybe none will.

To tell you the truth, don't know if I'm all that great of a penpal, myself. Had one for a while from Canada, but then a bunch of things happened in RL (Do people still say "RL"? Did people *ever* say "RL"?) and I haven't written in, oh, going on 2 years now.

Does me looking for an Icelandic penpal after reading an article about their countries economic problems make me a carpetbagger too? I suspect it does.


In other news, the Great Plains Ren Faire is happening 18-19 (or possibly 19-20; the website has varying data) April, 2009, Sedgwick County Park, 6300 W 13th Street, Wichita, KS 67212. Catch the fever. (Well, not *the* fever. One of them other, more enjoyable fevers. The ones that come with snacks. And oddly dressed mascots.)

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