Thursday, March 12, 2009

All Your Family Values Are Belong to Us

Ha-ha. Folks that live in glass igloos shoulda refrained from mukluk chucking, I'm thinking.

Oh, it's not over, not by a long shot. Mooseburgers can't help but keep up the slow drip-drip-drip of near-pitiable low-classishness. Give it a couple of years for her & her Clampett of a family's pile of low-grade crap to accumulate and she might actually be able to see Russia from on top the heap.

It's like with Limbaugh; man-o-Seamus, but you'd think folks'd want a better class'a idiot to prop up as their annointed.

Alas, apparently they all want Barabbas.


Additional article on Alaskarma in action: Attention Fellas! Bristol Palin is Single! Of special note is the political-campaign-as-child-abuse image at the bottom.


Anonymous said...

The most disturbing thing about Palin is still her kids' names...they bespeak something truly moronic and self-absorbed about the woman. You named your first born daughter "Bristol" because you always wanted to work at ESPN? Well, I suppose an aspiring international diplomat wouldn't think twice about naming their kid "The Hague." Yup, that's totally normal.

0>w/hole>1 said...

The naming thing is worrisome to me as well, but not the names themselves. Levi Johnston's sister is named "Mercede" so I think it's just a Northern thing. But the "ESPN as source for Bristol" story is yet another example of Palin's free and easy way with the truth. Yet another example that she thinks "as long as it's a good story, it doesn't count as a lie". She *had* been saying that Bristol was named after Bristol Bay Alaska, I believe. But now that she's trying to scrape together support in the lower 48, she comes up with something more local to us.

Regular ol' Pinnocchio, minus the cricket -- if you see what I'm saying.

Aside -- "Alpine McGregor" submitted 3 posts, with pretty much the same content, so I deleted 2 of them. Hope that's ok. Thanks for taking time to comment!

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