Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good with the bad

For the record -- and I'm probably repeating myself here -- jeers to ABC for bein' chintzy with their free Life on Mars episodes, of which I think all aged off their site, and to tvguide video for saying that iTunes has the eps for free when in fact they don't.

All that said, ABC garners a slice of cheers for their 1973 Radio app. How large a slice depends on how soon songs get recycled. So far, Joan Baez and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Plus era-specific newclips of debatable actualness.

Truthiness? Veracitude? Sumpin'-sumpin'?

About seven songs now and no repeats. Edgin' on album-length at least, w/REO Speedwagon and The Who; I'm gettin' that pleased-y feelin'.


In other news, Manos the Hands of Fate is apparently the worst movie ever.


Elsewhere in the televis-mos, Chuck is steadily declining in quality (Chuck v Santa probably the worst of this season, and that's saying something; least it go unsaid, "holy cow, Every. Episode. Is. Basically. The. Same.") whilst I'm getting drawn back into the Heroes confus-a-rama. Despite its confus-a-rama-ingness.

Other good shows: My Own Worst Enemy (cancelled), Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles (not yet cancelled, that I know of), New Amsterdam (cancelled), and Life (still going, I believe). I passed on my theory to R that since Firefly proved a company could make a bundle off a show even if it only produces 8-12 episodes, there's been an explosion of good shows canned early (like Journeyman).

R was not convinced, although she did forward me the above link to Manos, the Hands of Fate. (Not this link, the other one. Above.)


Finally, anybody have links to free Drive vids?


Ooo -- Zep's Dancing Days playin' on 1973 Radio.....

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