Monday, November 24, 2008

Where "Uh" Met "Glee"

Pretty in Mink causes anaphylactic shock all year long.

In a related note -- I hadn't realized how hot Michele Malkin was. She should pull a Palin and get some airtime, otherwise people'll keep judging her by the nonsense she says, and not on how she looks.

Speaking of Palins, I gotta start keeping a list of Saratrocities:
* Couric interviews
* Radio show punking
* Turkey massacre

Am I missing any of the biggies? I dunno if the Charlie Gibson interview counts, because that's not eggregiously worse than any other time she opens her mouth. There's all the scandals like her kickback house, her odd brother in law stalkings, and her brand name clothing scam....I think those should be on a separate list, though.

Remind me again -- why do Republicans like her? (I mean, come on -- she's a walking, talking can-can leg lamp. Right-wing blowhards are trying to convince everybody that she's "a major award" but everybody else, in disbelief, are just trying not to look.)

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