Monday, November 10, 2008

It's either this, or out-breed 'em...

...and frankly, W.C. had something, re: children.

It occurred to me over the course of the election that the way to turn red states blue is to move to 'em. The left needs to turn the self-sorting of America on its head by moving en masse into Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alaska. The middle, the mountain west, the deep south, the prairie states, Appalachia.

And, to that end as well, the left has to start joining Churches. Episcopalian, Mormon, Catholic, etc -- make 'em dynamic, make 'em more attractive to join than the snake handlers, make 'em visibly responsible for their communities (ie, provide services), and turn 'em left.

Have the 2008 Obama volunteers to, say, Florida *move there permanently* and start going to Sunday school. That's the way to win.

I'm only half-joking, by the way.

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