Friday, November 7, 2008

By the way...

...if anybody was wondering why my posting got so erratic in the last few months, it was because I was spending all my time reading the following sites:

Obermann and Maddow on
The Daily Show and the Colbert Report over on
Huffingtonpost, main page, politics section, Palin section
Daily Dish on The Atlantic by Andrew Sullivan -- and occasionally Marc Ambinder's stuff there too
The Mudflats
Nate Silver et al. on
Several of the talking heads at
Stumper over at Newsweek -- a blog which, by the way, just announced it was ending.

And occasionally others of like content.

And I am in love with Rachel Maddow, also. Sorry, R (different R), but the heart chooses whom it will. Can I have my bathrobe back? I'm-a gonna be needin' it elsewhere, methinks.



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