Tuesday, October 7, 2008

reaping the whirlwind

Sarah Palin's incompetence has set her free. If you're competent, you are held to the standards of competence, and any mistakes -- any slight incompetencies -- are evaluated accordingly. If you're completely incompetent -- if you've succeeded in portraying yourself as a child -- the sky's the limit. Incompetency is your shield. Tax fraud? Who cares! You're an incompetent! Race baiting speeches? Who cares! You say any damn thing that comes to mind, so what do you expect? Flipping the debate moderator off? Aw, shucks, kids'll do the darndest things, won't they?

Palin acts like a child, but she is not. Bush acts like a child, too. Let us not be fooled into treating adults like children because they act like children. If you want an adult job, you must therefore be subject to adult evaluation.

No easy answers. No "gimmees"; no "hand-waving"; no "byes". The world is complicated, and while black and white rhetoric is a balm to the soul, it doesn't actually help get things done. Put another way -- it may provide impetus, but it probably will not provide solutions.

Governor Palin would do well to keep in mind what Harry Truman said about the main role of politicans -- to get people to do what they ought to be be doing anyway. (Pardon if I'm mangling that.) She's invoking racial division and violence with her most recent "terrorist" rhetoric in Florida and California. I ask you -- is this something that people ought to be doing anyway?

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