Friday, October 3, 2008


Reacting to Palin's speech is a matter of where you put the camera.

[close up] Very energetic: bright, shiny.

[pull back] Her energy...surrounds empty words. I mean, *really* empty, not just "politicians are always empty" empty. She was just going down a list of talking points. I would like to see her answer, "How would you accomplish that, exactly?" to any of what she said. She's an inch deep -- and only a foot wide.

In her favor, before the debate I thought she was an inch wide.

[focus length]: She spent a week -- a whole week -- doing *nothing else* but preparing for a single discussion. Her presentation was bright, shiny, and empty.

Many, many points to whomever thought to have Joe Biden's whole family on stage with him.

Negative points to the conference people turning on the candidates' mikes before the debate starts. The Rove-ettes are using that time to score tactical victories. "Can I call you 'Joe,'" my ass.

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