Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election excuse; Compassion for those in need

Sorry I haven't written in a week; I've been addicted to the election, at the following sites:

Daily Dish
The Mudflats
Huffington Post

In other news, the US treats immigrants like crap, and always has. Most recently:

"about two dozen women from Guatemala and Mexico began arriving at [Rev. Lloyd Paul Ouderkirk's church, St. Bridget's in Postville, Iowa], along with two men. All were picked up in [a raid of 400 illegal immigrants on May 12 on the nation's largest kosher meatpacking plant, Agriprocessors], but the federal government released them on humanitarian grounds because they are parents of children who are American citizens. Each wears an ankle bracelet. They are seeking political asylum or temporary residency within the United States. Unable to work now, they come to St. Bridget's for financial help. The church pays their medical bills, food, rent and other daily expenses."

Further details on the situation on CNN.

Build up some karma for yourselves, and help out families in need, by donating to:

St. Bridget's Hispanic Ministry
c/o Pat Malanaphy
Box 369
Postville IA 52162

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