Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Palin Protocols


Pastor Made Anti-Semitic Comments During Sermon

Not quite as blatant as Westmoreland's "uppity" comment -- no four letter words -- but it's getting there. I *knew* this was going to happen.

I am now giving 1 in 4 odds that Snipehunt is gonna blurt something *really* bad before this is over -- 1 in 4 re: African Americans, slightly better odds on Native Americans if someone can actually catch her in a press conference and ask her about her policies re: them in Alaska and ditto re: folks from the middle east & her foreign policy "stance", and mebbee....what, 1 in 8 chance re: Jewish folks, probably nestled in Church or meeting recordings somewhere? What do you think?

As if you needed me to say it -- whoopsie.

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