Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I ("I.") [state your name] ("State your name.")

I've been trying to stay away from the Sarah Palin interview debacles because, really, what more could I add? But this:

Sarah Palin Answers What Newspapers, Magazines Inform Her Worldview: "Most Of 'Em...All Of 'Em...Any Of 'Em" on Huffington Post

I'm actually speechless. Time...Washington Post...Seattle Post-Intelligencer...an Anchorage newspaper....for crying out loud, how about Doonesbury?!?!?

She could have wowed an answer with a Vancouver BC paper, or something. But, hell, not to be able to name one...*one*... newssource....even if you didn't read it or watch it. For crying out loud, lie! I *know* you can lie! I've heard you do it!

I think what happened is that Couric tripped her "Star Trek jack the robot up on a logic problem" circuit. She said "newspaper" and...was it "world affairs"?....in the same sentence. So Palin may have been pulling a blank trying to think up the name of a paper from England.

Or else her head is so full of "possible interview replies" that it shoved out all the normal stuff like "what did you have for breakfast," "how do i button my shirt," and "what newspapers do I read on a semi-regular basis."

This is the worst by far I've seen from her. The other stuff showed she didn't know the answers. *This one*, though, indicates she's just plain, straight up *stupid*. "Most Of 'Em...All Of 'Em...Any Of 'Em".

For. Crying. Out. Loud.


If you've an interest, there's an Alaska forum on Sarah over at themudflats.net; as of a few mins ago, though, they seem to have been having db issues.

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